Protected Disclosures

The Department of Defence has put in place policy and procedures for the making of Protected Disclosures in the Department, which have been developed in line with the Protected Disclosures Act, 2014 and agreed by the Department’s Management Board.  This sets out the process by which a ‘worker’ of the Department can make a protected disclosure, what will happen when a disclosure is made and what the Department will do to protect the discloser.

The process supports the Department’s strong commitment to ensuring that the culture and working environment of the Department encourage, facilitate and support any member of staff of the Department in ‘speaking up’ on any issue that may impact adversely on the Department’s ability to properly and fully carry out all its roles and responsibilities to the high performance standard required.

Section 22 of the Protected Disclosure Act, 2014 requires that an annual report be published in relation to the protected disclosures received by the Department.

The documents below indicate the position: