What We Purchase

The Defence Sector is funded by two Votes, Vote 35 - Army Pensions and Vote 36 - Defence. The high level goal of both is to provide for the military defence of the State, contribute to national and international peace and security and fulfil all other roles assigned by the Government. Accordingly, Defence Sector outputs are delivered under a single programme in each Vote. The combined Estimates for Defence and Army Pensions in 2019 provide for gross expenditure of €1,007 million.

Vote 36 - Defence is delivered under a single programme entitled "Defence Policy and Support, Military Capabilities and Operational Outputs". The 2019 Vote of €758 million includes a pay and allowances allocation of some €529 million, while the remaining non-pay allocation of €229 million provides mainly for the renewal and maintenance of essential equipment, infrastructure and operational costs.

The defence non-pay allocation comprises both current and capital elements. The current expenditure allocation of €123 million provides mainly for expenditure on ongoing Defence Forces standing and operational costs such as utilities, fuel, catering, maintenance, information technology and training. The capital expenditure allocation of €106 million for 2019 will allow the Defence Organisation to undertake a programme of sustained equipment replacement and infrastructural development across the Army, Air Corps and Naval Service, as identified and prioritised in the defence White Paper. Among the main equipment programme priorities planned for 2019 are the ongoing upgrade of the Army Mowag armoured personnel carriers, replacement of the Air Corps Cessna  CASA aircraft, continuation of the naval vessel replacement programme and the mid-life refit of naval vessels. The overall capital allocation of €541 million for defence for the period 2018 to 2022, as set out in the National Development Plan, emphasises the importance attached by this Government to ensuring that the Defence Forces have the capability necessary to deliver on all the roles assigned by the Government. This funding will play a vital role in ensuring that the priorities identified in the White Paper can be met and that the Defence Forces can deliver fully across all roles.