Personal Injuries Compensation Scheme for Members of the Reserve Defence Force who are injured in the course of duty.

Members of the Reserve Defence Force (RDF) who are injured in the course of their duties may apply for compensation under a non-statutory compensation scheme administered by the Department of Defence.  Typically, this would cover injuries sustained by a member of the Army or Navy Reserve on official duty while participating in annual camp, field days, overnight exercises, parades and courses of instruction.  However, no compensation is payable where injury or death is caused by the member’s own serious negligence or misconduct, or where alternative compensation is otherwise received for the same injury.

Time Limits for application

In general, formal application under the scheme must be made to the Department of Defence within 6 months of the date on which the injury was sustained.

Assessment of medical disablement

Eligible applicants may be referred by the Department of Defence to the Army Pensions Board for medical examination and assessment.  Where necessary, the Board may refer an applicant for independent outside medical examination and assessment. If relevant, the Board is also required to determine whether the death of a member of the Reserve Defence Force was due to a qualifying injury sustained in the course of duty.

When and How to apply

Step 1    As soon as possible after the injury, the injured person should fill out a form A.F. 482 (Accidental Injury Report Form).  This form, which asks for details of the circumstances, date etc. of the injury, is initially processed at local Unit level.  It is essential that the A.F. 482 is completed in full and sent through military channels as quickly as possible, as any delays will hinder a decision by the Department on eligibility under the scheme. 

Once completed by the injured person’s Unit, the A.F. 482 must then be certified by a DF Medical Officer before being sent for processing, along with any relevant supporting documentation, by the military authorities to Pensions Administration Section, Department of Defence.

Step 2    Formal application for compensation under the scheme should be made by the individual as soon as possible after the injury, but in any event within the required 6 month time limit. For claim forms, contact:      

Pensions Administration Section
Department of Defence
Áras an t-Sáile
H91 AN2E

LoCall 1890-426444 extension 3900