Office of Emergency Planning

The Office of Emergency Planning (OEP) supports the Minister for Defence in his role as Chairman of the Government Task Force (GTF) on Emergency Planning. The OEP works with Departments and other key public authorities in order to ensure the best possible use of resources and compatibility across different emergency planning requirements. The OEP is a joint Civil/Military Office and, through the GTF, oversees and coordinates emergency planning at a national level. The OEP website can be reached at


In the event that an emergency does occur, the National Emergency Coordination Centre is activated under the Chair of the relevant lead Government Department responsible, which then manages the response in line with national guidelines and the associated planning arrangements within that lead Department. That Department coordinates the national response through the National Emergency Coordination Group (NECG), when it is convened.


In addition, the Government Task Force on Emergency Planning annually launches a “Be Winter Ready” information campaign, details of which are available on the website  This is a whole of Government campaign across all Government Departments and Agencies and is complemented by local information campaigns by the Local Authorities.