The State Commemorates The Centenary Of The Execution Of Roger Casement At Glasnevin Cemetery, 3 August 2016

The State Commemorates the Centenary of the Execution of
Roger Casement at Glasnevin Cemetery, 3 August 2016

As part of the Ireland 2016 Centenary programme an official ceremony to commemorate the execution of Roger Casement will take place this morning at Glasnevin cemetery.

The Government will be represented by Charlie Flanagan, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade. The ceremony will comprise of a number of elements including the reading of the trial documents relating to the plea from the accused, the charge against Casement and the verdict of the court. A Priest of the Irish Prison Chaplaincy Service in the UK will also attend and recite a prayer and reflection. A Priest from this Service attended Casement prior to his execution. There will also be a wreath laying service with a Military colour party; Military Police wreath bearer and a Piper’s lament.

Speaking in relation to the planned commemoration the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Charles Flanagan TD said:

“Roger Casement was one of the more intriguing personalities involved in the Easter Rising. His work to expose cruelty and abuse in Africa secured his legacy as one of the great Irish humanitarians of the early 20th century, and his commitment is reflected in Ireland’s long standing involvement with UN peacekeeping missions and our strong commitment to overseas development. I am pleased to represent the Government here today as, together with members of his family, we remember Casement’s life and idealism and reflect on his legacy.”

The Minister with Responsibility for Defence also commented saying “It is very fitting that the State commemorates Casement today on the centenary day of his execution. The common thread uniting Casement with all of the executed men is that they believed in Ireland as a Sovereign independent State and they pledged their lives to that cause. Now one hundred years on we are challenged to live up to the ideals and aspirations of Casement and these other men for an Ireland that ‘declares its resolve to pursue the happiness and prosperity of the whole nation’. A Nation that cherishes all of its children equally”.