Defence Forces Personnel Policy Branch

Defence Forces Personnel Policy Branch has overall responsibility for formulating, where appropriate, and monitoring the implementation of Human Resource Policy within the Defence Forces.  The Branch also deals with policy issues/queries relating to the Reserve Defence Forces and the military judicial system.

In addition the Branch is responsible for certain administrative functions relating to Defence Forces personnel matters including:

i. Arrangements for the commissioning and retirement of PDF officers

ii. Promotions and resignations of RDF officers

iii. Supporting the provision of a fair and effective military Redress and grievance system

iv. Oversight role in relation to Defence Forces training and related course undertakings

v. Enquiries on Defence Forces medals

Ombudsman for the Defence Forces

The Ombudsman for the Defence Forces was established pursuant to the Ombudsman (Defence Forces) Act, 2004. The Ombudsman, who is independent of the Minister for Defence, the Department of Defence and the military authorities, investigates complaints by members and former members of the Defence Forces.

Defence Forces Personnel Policy Branch is also the central Departmental point of contact for queries from the Office of the Defence Forces Ombudsman.